Office of Tiered Supports

Oklahoma City Public Schools

Welcome to the Office of Tiered Supports

Oklahoma City Public Schools will produce well-rounded students by supporting the whole child through striving for equitable outcomes.

Oklahoma City Public Schools will develop support systems and continuous implementation of a data-driven, problem-solving model; through an ongoing collaboration involving school staff, families, and community partners to ensure that we provide differentiated, high-quality universal instruction and targeted intervention that is matched to our student’s specific needs.

Our Team

Kyle Allen

Director of Tiered Supports

Tiered Supports Coordinators

Jason Clark


Bullying Prevention Coordinator

Felecia Jenkins-Polk


504 & Homebound Coordinator

Emily Summers


Social-Emotional Learning Coordinator

Senior Specialists

Carolyn Erickson


Lead Climate Specialist

Classen SAS HS

Douglass HS

John Marshall HS

Northwest Classen HS

Putnam Heights Academy

Star Spencer MS/HS

Kiona Fowler


Lead Climate Specialist

Capitol Hill MS

Jefferson MS

Roosevelt NS

Southeast MS

Webster MS

Wheeler MS

Devera Moore


Lead Climate Specialist

Adams ES

Arthur ES

Coolidge ES

Hillcrest ES

Prairie Queen ES

Climate Specialists



Climate Specialist

Buchanan ES

Cleveland ES

Esperanza ES

Hawthorne ES

Kaiser ES

Mark Twain ES

Van Buren ES

Gatewood ECC


Climate Specialist

Adelaide Lee ES

Cesar Chavez ES

Fillmore ES

Hayes ES

Heronville ES

Shidler ES

LaTasha Timberlake


Climate Specialist

Britton ES

M.L. King ES

Rockwood ES

Thelma R Parks ES

Elizabeth Hecox


Climate Specialist

Eugene Field ES

Horace Mann PK

Johnson PK

Monroe ES

Nichols Hills ES

Quail Creek ES

Ridgeview ES

Wilson ES

Shunda Moton-Bertrand


Climate Specialist

Capitol Hill HS

Emerson North HS

Emerson South HS

Southeast HS

U.S. Grant HS


Toya Edwards


Climate Specialist

Bodine ES

Southern Hills ES

Spencer ES

Willowbrook ES

Victoria Masten


Climate Specialist

Belle Isle MS

Classen SAS MS

FD Moon MS

John Marshall MS

Mary Golda Ross MS

Rogers MS

Taft MS

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