What is an ILP?

An Individual Learning Plan is a comprehensive framework for advising students in grades 6-12 to engage in coursework and activities that will best prepare them to both realize college and career success and become contributing members of their communities.

Share your ILP

Starting as a 6th grade student you will be building a digital portfolio using a Google Site. See the page OCS Framework for more details. You will also need to share a link to your portfolio with the school district for review purposes. Use the form below to share a link to your portfolio. During the early part of the school year

ILP Requirements

  • include career development, awareness and specifically address Vocational Studies Academic Expectations 2.36-2.38 as established in Academic expectations, 703 KAR 4:060
  • begin by the end of the sixth grade year
  • be readily available to the student & parent: reviewed and approved at least annually by the student, parents, and school officials
  • set learning goals for the student based on academic and career interests (beginning with the student’s 8th grade year)
  • identify required academic courses, electives, and extracurricular opportunities aligned to the student’s postsecondary goals
  • focus on career exploration, related postsecondary education, and training needs
  • include information about financial planning for postsecondary education

Our framework will focus on meeting the ILP requirements outlined above as well as a K-12 focus on our Kentucky Academic Standards for writing composition, and our requirements to remain CIPA compliant by teaching digital citizenship. The OCS ILP Framework is based upon the Green River Region Education Cooperative's (GRREC) ILP Framework, developed by Melissa Biggerstaff and Terri Stice.

District Requirements

    • implement an advising and guidance process from grades six (6) through twelve (12) to provide support for the development and implementation of an individual learning plan for each student
    • develop a method to evaluate the effectiveness and results of the individual learning plan process which includes:
      • indicators related to the status of the student in the twelve (12) months following the date of graduation
      • input from students, parents, and school staff

School Requirements

    • work cooperatively with feeder schools to ensure that each student and parent receives information and advising regarding the relationship between education and career opportunities
    • maintain each student’s ILP (paper format or electronic format)
    • use information from the ILPs about student needs for academic and elective courses to plan academic and elective offerings

Do not allow students to wait until May before looking at their ILP. Students should be collecting evidence from the beginning of the school year.