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  • During these times we must band together and support one another as best as we can. Please visit our website,, to learn more about CCY and our California Youth Crisis Line. If you know a youth or family in crisis please encourage them to call or text our free-to-use 24-hour Crisis Line at: (800) 843-5200 or chat with us online at:

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time management & organization tools

Between work, school, family, and other obligations, it may feel like keeping track of everything is a challenge. Here are a few online time management tools you may find useful during this time to help you organize your time and stay on track.

  • Asana This task management tool is great for keeping track of assignments and other to-dos. It gives the ability to sort tasks into projects and assign deadlines so you can keep your school and personal life on track. You can get the basic version for free.

  • Google Calendars If you haven’t taken the time to explore Google Calendars, you are missing out. Set appointments, recurring deadlines, and more, using your google or SNU email account. You can also sync the calendar with your phone to get updates on the go.

  • Toggl This is a timer tool that allows you to track the amount of time you spend on each task. If you’re wanting to see how you distribute your time throughout the week. You may find you can improve the way you distribute your time!

  • Focus Booster If you struggle with procrastination, this tool may be your new secret weapon. Using the Pomodoro technique, which challenges you to complete work in short bursts, the app will help you kick procrastination to the curb.

  • Evernote Keep all of your projects, lists, and to-dos in one place using Evernote. This free tool is perfect for the student who doesn’t like the structure of a daily or weekly planner but still needs to write things down and save documents, PDFs, or small notes in one place. Get it for free.


Need a mental break? Check-out some neat apps, websites, and videos below to help your mind unwind.

School Psychologists

Diana Hampton

OFL Duarte & OFY Pasadena

(626) 660-5409

Manuel Camarena

OFL Ramona & OFY City of Industry

phone coming soon

If you’re thinking about suicide, are worried about a friend or loved one, or would like emotional support, the Lifeline network is available 24/7 across the United States.