Use the links below to schedule EdTech help or Sign up for the OTHS Library

Donna Emeric (Librarian)

Jack Rafter (Ed Tech)

Main Floor Lab

Computers on the main floor by the librarians counter. Be sure to include a description of the activity and whether or not Ms. Emeric or Mr. Rafter is needed during the time for assistance.

Media Lab

Inner lab for audio/ video projects, 4 computer stations for editing presentations by Mr. Rafter or Ms. Emeric. When signing out an appointment slot, be sure to indicate if the assistance of Mr. Rafter or Ms. Emeric is required and describe the activity. It is highly recommended to schedule an appt. to discuss the project/ activity with the Ed Tech in order to prepare before bringing a class down.

Reading Alcove

Couches and casual seating for students. One computer hooked up to a SmartBoard for instruction/ presentations.

Library Tables

Tables and couch seating area for research, group collaboration, and reading.