Creating a Digital Portfolio is intended, first and foremost, to help you showcase, archive, and reflect as a student in order to better articulate your growth. It also serves an added benefit as a digital résumé of sorts that can be valuable especially as you move closer to life beyond high school.

In the age of digital information literacy, it is extremely important for you to consider digital citizenship as you develop the portfolio. We would like you to exercise your individual and creative talents. At the same time, keep in mind the purpose of a digital portfolio and that it is created through your School/ Google account ( As a result, issues of safety, privacy, and security need to be considered at all times for both content and design. Copyright issues also pertain to content you post on your portfolio site. This is part of your digital footprint and will be available to viewers. You may ultimately consider the value of your portfolio for public self-promotion to an employer, college admissions officer, or coach. Therefore, your self-image and identity should maintain a level of integrity you can be proud of as you evolve and invent/ reinvent yourself.

These models will give you an idea of the direction we are heading . . .

Student Model (courtesy of Brieanna Lemus/ Class of 2019)

Introduction to the New Google Sites

Below is an example of the New Google Site interface with examples of basic content options offered. and a "Cheat Sheet" of basic funcionality commands. Some of these may give you ideas for formatting content as you build your portfolio.

The PDF below is a quick guide to the basic new Google Sites features. The tutorials on this page's dropdown menu will provide you with resources to develop your portfolio. Keep in mind that you have control over the design elements. If you have any questions or ideas not specifically covered, use the form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you directly. Your idea or question might also help us create more tutorials for this site to troubleshoot and encourage creativity.


Tutorials for Designing Your Portfolio

1: Organize/ Create

The tutorial below will help guide organizing folders in Google Drive used for storing content on the portfolio site. It will also create the portfolio site. Keep in mind that your creation and organization of folders will change as your site evolves over your intermediate and high school years to fit your individual needs. Organizing will make editing over your years more streamlined.

DP Step 1-Organize.mp4

2: Pages

The tutorial below will guide your creation of pages. Keep in mind that customizing the pages you create will be dictated by unique directions each of you will head as you progress through the years. Since your portfolio may serve a dual purpose as a digital résumé, consider the suggestions in the video for individual pages for certain academic and/ or extracurricular areas.

DP Step 2-Pages.mp4

3: Basic Design

There are options for headers, title, font, and themes. Headers by Google are sized to work with the new Google Sites. Pictures from image searches on the internet and your own creations will require attention to sizing, resolution. Fonts and themes are simple and user-friendly. The tutorial below will address some of these options. The "About Me" tutorial will address creating a custom header.

DP Step 3-Basic Design.mp4

4: About Me

You will introduce yourself and put some useful resources for yourself on this page. Pay particular attention to sizing content (text, images, documents etc.) so it is convenient and easy to read. Balance the page by filling space. Don't crowd items, but also don't leave large parts of a section empty. Symbolically, you want to represent yourself as "complete."

About Me.mp4

5: Academics

The main Academic page will help you stay in touch with your course offering progress. The subpages will let you showcase and reflect on specific coursework content. Take advantage of showing your diversity in the type of work showcased and any area of specialty you may have an interest in further pursuit in your post-high school years.


6: Extracurricular

Clubs, activities sports, and community service beyond the classroom are important to showcase your willingness to explore, grow, and give back to your school or community. Information about participation and leadership can be presented along with graphics like pictures, slideshows, audio/ and or video. Keep track of your involvement!


7: Blog

Use the tutorials below to create your Blog. Then, simply use "Embed URL" on the Insert Menu and size your Blog right on the Blog page.

New Blog .mp4
Blog Settings.mp4

8: References

References are valuable. They give potential college admissions officers, employers, etc. an idea of what they’re getting by accepting or hiring you—a glimpse into your work ethic and habits from someone who has already had substantial experience with you. For that reason, it’s crucial to choose your references wisely, even if it so happens that they are never called. Always remember to "build bridges" ... don't "burn them" with your superiors.


Preview/ Publish

You will use your school username to identify your url and make it easy for staff to find your portfolio if they do not have a link. There are several things to understand about using the preview and publish settings. Watch the video below to make appropriate decisions and take advantage of previews before publishing within or the public web. Mobile is built in! Take advantage of the preview feature and consider your audience.


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