The Charger Illustrated:

2016-2017 - Third Edition

The 3rd Edition theme was all about mysteries.

Check out this AMAZING submission from Taylor B. She created a poetic mystery.

Who Did It?

A Poem by Taylor Bruno

When someone calls, “I need your help!

I was in my house and made a yelp.”

It’s my job and solemn duty

As James E. I. J. R. J. Rudy

To solve a crime of a possible murder

No wait, it’s just a missing burger.

Someone screamed when it was found missing

And then called me to stop fishing

And get over to his house

As quiet as a mouse.

I arrive at the door

And glide on the floor

While the kid gives me the details.

“I swear it was here.”

He said so clear

As I go look for entrails.

“How big was the burger?”

I said “and the burglar

Who do you think it could be?”

He froze up with scare

And I gave him a glare

Walking to his room and see....

An empty plate with my client’s name

With crumbs all over it, so I claim;

“You're under arrest, you sly thief!

You tried to trick me, but I had no belief!”

I called the cops to take him away,

But they refused to come anyway.

I guess that is the life of a detective

Who’s six-years-old and barely protective.