Employer/ Supervisor Information

Supervisor/Employer Information

What is the Supervisor’s role?

  • interview potential students
  • shares expertise with students
  • maintains a record of the student’s attendance
  • treats the student as a regular employee in training
  • communicates with the teacher-monitor on a regular basis
  • assists the teacher-monitor in the evaluation of the student’s performance
  • provides on-going feedback to the student
  • provides a safe working environment and reports accidents involving the student immediately to the school.

What are the benefits of having co-op students in the workplace?

  • develops supervisory, leadership and interpersonal skills of employees
  • provides opportunities to access and recruit future employees
  • gives students exposure to a variety of career options, help boost their confidence and let them build a network of references
  • permits business and industry to enhance their corporate image through their direct involvement with the community they serve
  • assist schools in keeping courses relevant to business, technological, industrial and professional practices
  • encourage students to develop skills, knowledge and attitudes required for employment

Length of Placement

How long do I have the student for?

Semestered school students are usually in the workplace three hours per day from mid September to the end of January or mid February to the middle of June. Some students are in the workplace full days. Students do not attend the placement during the school holidays.


Supervisor Manual