Workplace Injury

What if the student is injured?

The student is covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board according to the dates and times stipulated in the Work Education Agreement Form. The teacher will cover the procedure with the supervisor at the time of the placement.

As an Employer, what are the Insurance issues I should be aware of?

Students participating in a Cooperative Education program are covered by OCDSB third-party liability insurance with respect to those specific activities involved in their training. It is not recommended that students drive vehicles of any kind on coop placements. This includes forklifts, ATVs, golf carts, snowmobiles, ride-on lawn equipment, etc., as well as vehicles licensed for the road. Although there may be circumstances where driving is a part of a student’s expected duties, the employer must then include the student in their insurance coverage. The student is protected for damage caused accidentally to the property of an employer while such property is in the care, custody or control of the student. The school board’s insurance does not protect the employer from his/her own negligence.