Munich 2010


Dr. Franky D’Oosterlinck

Integrating School-Based and Therapeutic Conflict Management Models

Frank A. Fecser, Ph.D., Mary Ellen Fecser, M.Ed.

Life Space Crisis Intervention in the Treatment of Trauma

Dr. Franky D’Oosterlinck, Sofie Keppens

LSCI and the contextual theory of Iván Böszörményi-Nagy: common grounds in history and similarities in method.

Gerrit De Moor

The compatibilty of LSCI and The Virtues Project

Andreas Dexheimer

Combining LSCI and confrontational pedagogics

Bram Soenen

Adaptation of LSCI in Flemish care centers for children and adolescents with emotional and behavioural disorders: the need for a method to provide guardrails on a high level bridge.

Prof. Dr. Eric Broekaert

“Life Space Crisis Intervention”: What kind of knowledge do we need?

Bram Soenen

LSCI research in Flanders: the use of interviews, questionnaires and registrations in a quasi experimental design.

Marion Loferer

LSCI at the Hauptschule (secondary modern school) Miesbach

Mark Freado

Struggling With Power - Making Sense of Supervision

Benny Leesen

Implementation of LSCI in flemish schools for children with special needs. A teachers special need ?

Karin Blankespoor

Adaptation of LSCI in various Dutch settings: After-school daytreatment, Crisis residential care, and Combined home-group treatment: examples and results