What is OAME Talks

Hello and welcome to OAME talks. This is a place where we feature the voices of some of the speakers from our annual conference. Listen to the latest podcast (below).

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Registration is now OPEN for our live webinars at http://oame.on.ca/mcis/index.php

The voices will come in two forms. The main part will be in the form of webinar versions of some of the popular sessions from the previous year's conference. These webinars will be available exclusively to OAME members only. They will be available live on the second Wednesday of the month and then will be archived and available from the OAME website. The other part will be in the form of a podcast. This podcast will be a short conversation with each of our webinar presenters to get a preview of what their session will be about. The podcasts will be available to the general public here and through iTunes and Google Play. This season's schedule is as follows:

Wednesday Dec. 12th, 2018: Kyle Pearce & Jon Orr - Going Deeper With Memorable Math Moments

Wednesday Jan. 9th, 2019: Marian Small - Teaching with Intention: Focusing on What Matters

Wednesday Feb. 13th, 2019: Fawn Nguyen - What If We’ve Been Teaching Mathematics All Wrong?

Wednesday Mar. 20th, 2019: Mark Chubb - Building your Students' Mathematical Intuitions

For more details click on the Season 1 tab, above.