Season 1

Talk 1: Going Deeper With Memorable Math Moments

Kyle Pearce (@MathletePearce) & Jon Orr (@MrOrr_Geek)

Show Notes

OAME 2018 Session Description: What makes a memorable math moment? Is it a real world task? Is it relevant to your students? Is it media-rich or delivered in 3 acts? While many professional development sessions focus on a specific component of an effective math lesson, Jon Orr and Kyle Pearce will model what they believe to be the three key components of an effective mathematics lesson: sparking student curiosity, fuelling their Sense making and igniting your next steps. Join them as they lead a task to break each component down and then build it all back up to create a memorable math moment. (Audience: Junior, Intermediate, Senior)

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Live Webinar: For this first webinar we are going to use the public webinars that Kyle and Jon did for the OTF or the Global Math Dept. in the summer of 2018:

Podcast notes: Recorded August 2018. At the time of this recording Kyle and Jon were just getting ready to launch their online course and free four-part video series. That can be found at

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Talk 2: Teaching with Intention: Focusing on What Matters

Marian Small (@Marian_Small)

Show notes:

OAME 2018 Session Description: Teaching to the expectations is the job of every Ontario teachers. But it's not always obvious what "meat" to put on the expectation's "bones". We'll look at expectations in K - 8 and see how we can be more intentional with the math ideas that should come out teaching toward those expectations by choosing better learning goals and better consolidating the problems students work on. (Audience: Primary, Junior, Intermediate)

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Live Webinar: Jan 9th, 2019, 8PM EST (Register now on MCIS)

Podcast Notes: Recorded Dec. 2018. Marian’s work and ideas can be found on her site and her more recent work includes MathUp and the soon to be published Math that Matters: Targeted Assessment and Feedback for Grades 3 - 8 ( )

Talk 3: What If We’ve Been Teaching Mathematics All Wrong?

Fawn Nguyan

Show Notes:

OAME 2018 Session Description: One of the biggest myths is that mathematics is all about computation. John Allen Paulos wrote in his book Innumeracy, “... mathematics has as much to do with computation as writing has to do with typing.” Yet, school mathematics continues to focus heavily on computation and arithmetic and not nearly enough on critical thinking and problem-solving. The mathematical expectations and processes that we expect students to acquire and apply depend directly on mathematics instruction and curriculum that expose students to mathematics as a way of thinking and solving problems.(Audience: Primary, Junior, Intermediate)

Live Webinar: Feb. 13th, 2019, 8PM EST (Register now on MCIS)

Podcast notes: TBD

Talk 4: Building your Students' Mathematical Intuitions

Mark Chubb (@MarkChubb3)

Show Notes

OAME 2018 Session Description: Many students enter math class making connections to previously learned material, actively making Sense of the content and concepts, however, many others do not. Students that use their mathematical intuition come prepared to make Sense of the mathematics and continually make connections between what they already know and what they are learning. This session will offer easy to use classroom routines that help your students think like a mathematician by using their intuitive reasonings. Routines like Notice and Wonder, Estimation routines and Mathematical Modelling will be explored together. Through this session we will learn how to start your lessons where your students are in their understanding, with their own ideas. Then we will discuss strategies to move the learning forward. (Audience: Primary, Junior, Intermediate)

Live Webinar: March 20th, 2019, 8PM EST (Register now on MCIS)

Podcast Notes: TBD