Publications of Paul Erdös

Jerrold Grossman prepared a complete publication list of Paul Erdös (updating and correcting an earlier list prepared by Dezsö Miklós) for Volume II of a wonderful two-volume collection, The Mathematics of Paul Erdös, edited by Ronald Graham and Jaroslav Nesetril (Springer, 1997). The list was available (in PDF format) as part of a very comprehensive website of a CD-ROM issued in 1998. There were about 1400 items at that time. The list was updated for the second edition of that work in 2013. The list has grown to 1526 items, the most recent from 2015. (This number apparently exceeds the total for any other mathematician, including Euler.)

Here is a pdf copy of the list.

Users with access to MathSciNet can find reviews of most of Erdös’s publications (and reviews of articles about him).

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