Team Taught Technology

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Team Taught Technology

The three programs are team taught. In the first year the technologist will lead the instruction, assisted in classroom management by the classroom teacher.

In the second year or as the year progresses the teacher is encouraged to take the lead with instruction and the technologist is there for support.

The classroom teacher learns along with the children in this unique professional learning opportunity.

Google For Littles

Based on the philosophy that "Littles can do it" from the book by Christine Pinto and Alice Keeler, the Northern Buckeye Professional Learning Group is proud to offer a series of team taught classes for students and teachers in elementary schools.

Targeted at 2nd Grade this series of 6 classes is designed to introduce students (and teachers) to the world of chromebooks and all the great apps that they can use for learning and creating.

Seesaw for Littles

Seesaw is an online journal which uses a simplified canvas with a variety of creative tools that let students interact with their learning materials. Younger students benefit from learning foundational skills on both touch and chromebook or laptop devices.

Targeted at the younger grades (PK-2) there are a range of activities available in the Seesaw Community Library which is searchable by Grade level and subject.

The tool is easy to learn and teachers quickly gain understanding and are more likely to continue to use the platform after the team taught sessions are completed.

STEAM for Students

Steam for Students is a team taught program that brings STEAM equipment to the classroom and introduces the students to design, coding and robotics in a fun and engaging way.

Example lessons include:

  • Coding Ozobots with ozocodes and ozoblockly

  • Measurement and Direction with Sphero SPRK+

  • Lego Mindstorms

How often are the lessons offered?

Google for Littles is offered as a series of usually 6 lessons that are team taught with a technologist. The topics to be covered include an introduction to using the Chromebooks, Introduction to Google Classroom and GSuite apps including Drawings, Docs, Slides and Sheets. The topics are outlined in a shared google sheets spreadsheet that includes details on the skills to be taught, the topic (related to something being covered in your class) and the scope and sequence of the lessons.

Seesaw for Littles is offered as a series of up to 6 lessons that introduce the students (and teacher) to the different types of activities that can be completed in Seesaw. The Seesaw learning library contains a large amount of activities that can be shared with students. A typical session will see the students complete 2-3 activities in a 40 minute period.

STEAM for Students is offered as stand alone lessons with each of the tools that are available. They can be mixed and matched with Google For Littles lessons if teachers want to offer a variety of opportunities.

What Grades do You Cover?

Seesaw for Littles can be offered in Kindergarten or First Grade and is a great introduction to using an online journal and is optimized for both Chromebooks and iPads (which are more common in the lower grades). Seesaw is also being used in PK classrooms.

Google For Littles is targeted usually at 2nd Grade or when the students first begin to use the chromebooks. Some schools do the IOWA test in the fall of each year of Second Grade so this training helps students prepare for online testing at an earlier age.

STEAM for Students can be offered in any class K - 8. We have a range of different lessons that can be adapted to a range of grade levels and subject areas

How often do the classes take place?

The ideal time span would be one class every two weeks. This gives the classroom teacher time to have the student practice their skills and to complete activities that may take longer than a class period to complete. Some lessons are self contained and others may take a couple of 45 minute periods to complete. Ideally the teacher will be able to apply some of what they have learned in the off week and be ready for more instruction the following week.

Want more information?

Please fill out the Google form at right and someone from our staff will get with you to provide more information and schedule sessions.

Want to see an example Lesson Plan?

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