Group training is arranged by contacting the PLG a month or so prior to your desired date and can be on a range of topics as determined from your district's learning objectives. We have a large number of professional learning sessions that we regularly provide for educators, and given enough lead time we can develop new coursework based on individual district needs.

Northern Buckeye Professional Learning Group facilitates training events at schools all throughout Ohio.

We can put on group training either in person (on site at your school) or virtually (via Zoom). If you are planning professional development then up to 6 trainers may be available to instruct at your school.

Are you interested in having us provide PL for your district? If you are a full member of NWOCA, all training is included with your membership. If you're not a full member, we have competitive rates for our training.

In-District Training

Ready to book group training?

If you would like more information about our on-site training, please contact John Mansel-Pleydell at 419-267-2541 or