Board of Directors

Meet NVNTRAK's Board of Directors! This stalwart group, with the support of the membership, directs the club's activities, ensuring that all of the "i"s are dotted and "t"s crossed so that NVNTRAK can do what it does best - RunniN' TraiNs!

2021 Board of Directors

President: Greg Lindsey (

Treasurer: Leo Bicknell (

Secretary: Kip Petzrick (


Ron Plichta ( - NTRAK

Jim LaBaugh ( - T-TRAK

Directors at Large:

Mark Andersen (

Cotton Bowen (

Elected January 17, 2021

Additional Contacts

Ombudsman: Cotton Bowen (

Call Board Editor: Mark Bowman (

Company Store: J.B. Weilepp (

Accidental Techie: Randall Wood (