Sound Fiscal Management Priority Areas

Financial Communication - Financial Equity, Stability, and Compliance - Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency - Risk Impact

For each priority area in Focus: 2024 Clark County School District's Five-Year Strategic Plan, major strategies have been identified to ensure the District meets specific five-year objectives.

Below are the objectives, measures, targets, and strategies for the Sound Fiscal Management priority areas, which are divided into two finance and two operational areas.

Sound Fiscal Management (Finance) Priority Area 1: Improve quality, communication, and understanding of financial information of the District

If the model for funding is improved, then the District will be able to more equitably provide funding to schools and students and direct funds in a better manner.


Sound Fiscal Management (Finance) Priority Area 2: Improve financial equity and stability and ensure regulatory compliance with finance and budget related requirements

If the District is in full compliance with regulations and laws, then there is less risk related to funding for education in the District to serve the students.


Sound Fiscal Management (Operations) Priority Area 1: Ensure operational effectiveness and efficiency of school and district facilities and operational resources

School facilities are the platforms upon/within which the majority of instructional activity occurs.  Likewise, the facilities of the District constitute a significant investment of public funds. Consequently, it is imperative we exercise responsible ownership and sound fiscal management over these assets to both ensure a proper learning environment and to exercise our fiduciary responsibilities as stewards of public funds.  By properly maintaining District operational resources, we ensure a safe physical environment and resources to support learning and positive student outcomes, while also increasing the longevity of District assets, as well as the capacity of the Capital Improvement Program. This work focuses on driving resources to the classroom.


Utilize recommendations provided by the Council of Great City Schools

Improve Services to Schools and Departments

Improve Cost Efficiencies within Operations

* Additional funding must be sought to implement these strategies.

Sound Fiscal Management (Operations) Priority Area 2: Reduce the general fund impact caused by safety concerns resulting in injury or damage

Early detection of safety issues allows the District to address items before they result in a costly injury, damage to the facility, or fines issued by enforcement agencies. Regular site inspections enable our safety professionals to work with site-based staff to address these issues promptly and efficiently. The costs associated with safety concerns and employee injuries impact the site with an interruption to the instructional day as well as possible loss of use of all or portions of the facility until the issue is corrected. A proactive approach to safety and a reduction in the costs for injuries allows for more money to be available in the General Fund to support education. It also creates a healthy, positive environment for staff, students, and the community.


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