Clark County School District's Five-Year Strategic Plan

One Team, One Goal: Making CCSD #1forkids

Student Success is our Core Business

To our community,

Our core focus at the Clark County School District (CCSD) is student success. We have children of our own and have served and mentored thousands of children throughout our careers. Now, we are responsible for the education and success of 320,000 students.

What we want for all children is not very different from what we want for our own children — access to high quality education throughout their entire academic career.

Focus: 2024, CCSD’s new five-year strategic plan, offers a blueprint for change. It will take focus and hard work to achieve those goals. It’s not mysterious or complicated. But it will be hard work.

The Board of School Trustees and Superintendent are focused on providing students with equity, accessibility, and rigorous instruction, and we will hold ourselves accountable to meet our goals.

Our work ahead is about making sure every student has access to strong teaching and learning. We will focus on the following:

  1. Instructional excellence in every classroom, every day. This means investing in our teachers, administrators, and staff by ensuring they have the tools they need to succeed. Our people drive our success.

  2. Opportunities for rich and rigorous learning for every student, including more pathways to college and career.

  3. Running an efficient operation and putting every available dollar into the classroom.

  4. Increasing family and community engagement to better support our schools and students.

The scorecard for the strategic plan is below, as well as the strategy map that will highlight our plan to achieve our goals. This plan will carry us through the next five years, and make us the most improved school district in America. Our students only have one shot at school, and we don’t have one kid to spare.

We will be calling on our entire community to get involved in this work over the five years. Thank you in advance for your support of our students!

CCSD Board of School Trustees President Lola Brooks

CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara