Nuhop's "At-Home" Outdoor Education

Trevor Dunlap, Executive Director at Nuhop

We are Here for You!

Welcome to Nuhop’s At-Home Outdoor Education experience! As many of you have just learned from state, local, and national governments, we are in this at-home situation for a bit longer than we had hoped. But fear not! We are here to help YOU!

Our staff is hard at work developing new experiences for our teachers and students to help make this time at home meaningful, fun, and with a healthy dose of the outdoors! We have enjoyed the thousands of you who have already participated in the activities below, and we look forward to meeting those of you new to our site. Please feel free to send us topic suggestions and we will see what our amazing team can do!

From all of us here at Nuhop, stay safe, have fun, and get outside!

Nuhop's "At-Home" Outdoor Education Curriculum

We hope these lessons ease the stress of providing daily content and give you, the students, the opportunity to have fun in your natural world while at home! There is no set order for the activities so jump in on whatever you think sounds fun!

It's Not Easy Being Green

Green is not just'll see what we mean.

Circles are "Pointless"

Don't be a square. If you "tri" you will come a-round.

Micro Hike

A nooks and crannies adventure!


Triangles + Triangles + Triangles = Hemispheres?

Wilderness Survival

Learn what it takes to make it in the wild!

Features of the Feathered

Birds of a feather flock together, and so do we!

Predator-Prey Relationships

Everything is food for something else...

Nature as Poetic Muse

When flowers wake each morning they don’t have to make their beds...

Caught in the Web (food web, that is)

Who will win, and who is breakfast?

Hints for Ohio's Fine Flints

Quite simply, our rocks rock!


Don't just sit there, you have potential!

Climbing? Climb On!

Let's get ready to rock (climb)!

What's the Matter?

Solids and liquids and gasses - oh, my!

The Wonders of Weather

Grab your raincoat and get ready to send it back to Diane in the studio!

Sketching Your World

The computer dictates how you do something, with a pencil you're totally free.

The Sights and Sounds of Energy

Time to ride some amazing waves!

A Stroll Around the Galactic Neighborhood

Blast off into the great beyond...and then some!

Streams and Erosion

Coming soon...our team is hard at work!

Backyard Phenology

Coming soon...our team is hard at work!

Nature's Symphony

Coming soon...our team is hard at work!

Thank you for learning with us at Nuhop! Please let us know if you want any additional topics added to the choices above ( We will do what we can to keep the content coming!