adventure lab caches

Adventure Lab caches have arrived in Nova Scotia! For details (and to do the adventure labs), get the app.

Google Map (locally developed by JoKaPhJe) of adventure lab caches in NS, with individual stages.

Google Map of caches in NS (worldwide map, NS view)

In the listings below, click on:

  1. Series name ... for a description of the adventure lab

  2. Cacher name ... for a link to the cache owner's profile

  3. GC code of the bonus ... for the listing of the bonus cache associated with the lab (if any)

The whole province (or big parts of it):

Cape Breton

New Glasgow to Guysborough

Amherst, Truro, Hants County

South Shore

Valley to Yarmouth


See for info and the app (which is needed to play an adventure lab)

Information needed to add an Adventure Lab listing

If you have an adventure lab in NS, we'd like to list it on this page. Please fill out the google form at thls link. If you have questions, contact