About the ANSG

The ANSG is a registered provincial not-for-profit association in Nova Scotia. Our goals are to promote Nova Scotia as a geocaching destination, and to educate the public about safe, ethical, and drama-free geocaching. Any geocacher whose primary residence is in Nova Scotia is considered a member of the Association.

Feel free to email us for more information: info@nsgeocaching.com

Your ANSG executive (as of June 2018):

  • Kelly Finnigan
  • Sherry Fillmore
  • Ian McPhee
  • Katrina MacKinnon
  • Mark McGarrigle
  • Matthew R. Ward (Treasurer)

Previous Executive (and founding members of the ANSG):

  • Krista Whitehouse
  • Leona O'Toole Conrick
  • Kevin Conrick
  • Jamie Hirtle
  • Sarah Hirtle
  • Jason Brothers

Minutes of Annual Meetings:

Sponsorship Policy (June, 2018): (link to pdf)