Welcome to the NSCSD Social Worker Website

The school social workers are available during regular school hours when school is in session.

KWS Bear Road Elementary School

Mrs. Close, (315) 218-2400

Lakeshore Road Elementary School

Mrs. Close, (315) 218-2600

Cicero Elementary School

Mrs. Bender (315) 218-2500, Monday

Smith Road Elementary School

Mrs. Bender (315) 218-2800, Tuesday- Friday

Roxboro Road Elementary School

Kerry Delduchetto(school counselor) (315) 218-2700, Monday-Thursday

Gillette Road Middle School

Mrs. Colabello (315) 218-3028, Monday - Friday

Roxboro Road Middle School

Mrs. Robbins (315) 218-3317, Monday - Friday

N. Syracuse Junior High School,

Mrs. Blatt (315) 218-3632, Monday - Friday

CNS High School

Mrs. Couillard (315) 218-4213, Monday - Friday