North Queens Community Events

FAFSA/TAP Completion Workshops:

Students will receive individual support to complete federal and state financial aid applications.

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LTW team lead Murder Mystery Event:

This event brought students and staff together at the end of a challenging marking period. We used the "Party Mafia." The game is available in the Apple app store and Google play store. Staff and students each are assigned a secret identity. This secret ID tells you if you are playing for the side of the townsfolk or the mafia side. Some unique roles also have special abilities they can perform during the game. The objective of the game is to capture players with Mafia identities.


We created these groups in efforts to bring students together


At North Queens we make the Holiday Season a festival and memorable time for everyone. As a tradition our staff contributes amazing dishes to be shared to students.

Basketball League Game

Intramural Basketball

At North Queens we strive to be competitive and challenge ourselves for greatness. We created a basketball league where all are welcomed to play. We hope that through participation in league that members can gain respect of their peers, and develop a greater sense of unity amongst one another.