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District Survey Outreach

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This may come as no surprise, but we want you to know how much we value our relationships with the parents, families, and community institutions/spaces that make up our Newington Public Schools tapestry.

Each of you represents who we are as a community - our values, multiple cultures, beliefs and other characteristics in many meaningful and beautiful ways. Together, we are Newington!

And as an ever-growing community, we are committed to being proactive, thoughtful, and responsive in the ways that we provide valuable experiences for all of our parents, families, and community groups. Part of this commitment includes demonstrating care and concern, and extending accessible opportunities. To achieve this, successfully and sustainably, we need your voice and input.

To that end, we invite you to participate in an approximate 15 minute survey about our community and your experiences in it. Our partner in this process, Indelible Impressions Consulting, will be collecting the data. To provide an example: we might ask about your experiences with particular areas of the school system, as a parent/family/community member.

Know that the survey is 100% anonymous and that the platform used will not track ANY participant identification information.

Our aim is to use the responses to inform current and future decision-making that is focused on how we engage with you as community stakeholders and how we might improve the experiences and outcomes of our collective efforts.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact 860.665.8646.

We thank you in advance for your unwavering commitment to NPS and our community.

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