Bundled credits

Arts and Culture

Major Courses


Dramatic Arts University/College Preparation ADA3MC

Dramatic Arts - Production ADD3MC

Dramatic Arts - Production ADD4MC

Dramatic Arts University/College Preparation ADA 4MC


Music Repertoire (band) AMR3MC

Guitar Music AMG3MC

Music and Computers AMM3MC

Music - University/College AMU3MC

Vocal/Choral AMV3MC

Guitar Music AMG4MC

Music and Computers AMM4MC

Music - University/College AMU4MC

Music Repertoire (band) AMR4MC


Dance ATC3MC

Dance ATC4MC

Visual Arts

Visual Arts - University/College Preparation AVI3MC

Visual Arts - Open AVI3OC

Visual Arts – University/College AVI4MC


Communications Technology Photography and Digital Imaging - University/College TGP3MC

Communications Technology Video and Movie Production - University/College TGV3MC

Communication Technology: Broadcast and Print Production TGJ3OC

Communications Technology: Photography and Digital Imaging TGP4MC

Construction Engineering Technology - College TCJ3CC

Custom Woodworking - Workplace TWJ3EC

Construction Technology - College TCJ4CC

Custom Woodworking - Workplace- TWJ4EC

Technological Design - University/College TDJ3MC

Design Technology - University/College TDJ4MC

Hairstyling and Aesthetics - Workplace TXJ3EC

Hairstyling and Aesthetics – Workplace TXJ4EC

Dual Credits

Graphic Design: Computer Imagery TGB4T1

Broadcasting: Introduction to Field Production TGD4T1


World Religions: Faith and Culture - Open HRF3OR

Religious Education: Faith and Culture - University/College HRT3MR