Introduction and Overview

We are thrilled to finally implement a 1 2 1  initiative in Norton City Schools!  We are grateful to our community for approving our most recent PI levy which will secure funds for this ongoing program.  This initiative will increase student learning opportunities by providing anytime, anywhere technology access that will prepare our students for their future education and career goals.

Student Chromebooks will be assigned to all students in grades 4–12. Students in these grade levels are expected to take their assigned Chromebook home each night and return to school with a fully charged device the next school day.   These students will also receive a Chromebook charger and a protective sleeve that must remain on the device when it is being transported from place to place.  We are not leaving out our littlest Panthers!  Chromebook carts and tubs will be added to these educational environments for at school use on an as-needed basis determined by the classroom teacher.

There will be a charge for the insurance and educational monitoring associated with the 1-to-1 program.  We want to protect your investment and provide our teaching staff with the proper tools to keep students on task.  Families are responsible for repair or replacement costs outside of the insurance coverage as noted in the handbook.  It is extremely important that families read the 1 2 1 Student Handbook thoroughly.  Chromebooks will not be distributed to students before a parent or guardian has signed off on the  1 2 1 Agreement within Final Forms.

We hope that this website serves as a rich, continual resource for you and your family throughout the school year.  We provide many helpful items and links to support the use of Chromebook including care tips, troubleshooting ideas items to try, suggestions for parents in regards to responsible student use in the home, and what to do when you need us to fix your Chromebook.

08.08.22 Board Presentation

1 2 1 Board Presentation 8.8.22

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Survey Data Board Presentation March 2023