Blackboard Learn How-To Guide for Faculty

NSCC Blackboard Login

Blackboard Learn is a great instructional technology tool that can enhance your course delivery. All North Shore Community College courses automatically have a Blackboard Learn shell that provides faculty with a “private classroom” area for you and your students. In Blackboard Learn, faculty can post announcements about the status of class with instructions on how to proceed through related learning activities; upload various types of content such as assignments, readings, lecture notes, or PowerPoint slides; link to related online resources such as YouTube videos or web sites; set up assignment areas where students can submit homework; and facilitate discussions for students to engage with the course materials.

Blackboard Learn Access Information

Blackboard Learn can be accessed at Be sure to login through the Faculty and Student Login area using your My Northshore credentials.

Getting Started with Blackboard

The following resources will be useful to get you started with Blackboard Learn. Please feel free to download and add the student version to your Blackboard Learn course sites.

Top 10 How-To's

Access the top 10 step-by-step guides to learn how to use the different Blackboard Learn features.