Severn Trent Water are investing £60 million to improve the water and sewerage network in Newark-on-Trent.

The Newark Waste and Water Improvement Project will be delivered through a joint venture between two independent contractors; Barhale plc and NMC Nomenca. The joint venture will carry the name of BNM Alliance.

NMC Nomenca are experienced in working for Severn Trent on sewer replacement and upsizing projects. Barhale are a specialist tunnelling contactor who will bring their expertise to the 3km of tunnel to be installed into the Newark sewerage system.

Why Are We Doing This Work?

Newark is in need of improvement to both the sewerage network and the water supply system.

Sewerage Works - The sewers in this area have been in use for many decades and are no longer able to cope during times of heavy rainfall. In short, the sewerage system in much of the town is undersized which results in flooding to approximately 400 properties. Some houses even suffer from foul sewage flooding the inside of their homes. This is not acceptable.

Water Distribution System – Newark’s water supply pipes are also ageing and have had to cope with the growth of the town’s population at the end of the 20th Century. This expansion is expected to continue over the next 25 years.

In order to maintain the quality of the water supply and reduce the average time customers are without water we need to make improvements to the existing water distribution system.

What Are We Doing?

We need to upgrade and upsize the sewers in many of the roads in Newark and also install a new 2.85m diameter sewer (3km long) through the town that will allow the new sewer system to discharge when it reaches capacity, without flooding to domestic properties.

The system will operate as a combined sewer, with both foul and surface water flows being collected and ultimately delivered to Crankley Point Sewage Treatment Works.

The new water supply will consist of approximately 5km of new outlet trunk main from Beacon Heights Reservoir along with approximately 5km of new inlet trunk main feeding into Beacon Heights Reservoir.

We will also upgrade 2.5km of ageing water mains as well as replace a number of the town’s water supply valves.

How Will this Work Affect Me?

We know that when we close roads or install temporary traffic signals it can be disruptive. We also know that Newark is a town that already suffers from congestion when the outlying major roads have problems.

In order to minimise the disruption our works will cause we are:

  • working closely with Nottinghamshire County Council Highways to make sure that traffic diversion routes are chosen to minimise disruption.
  • working with local bus companies to make sure that bus services can carry on operating during our works.

If we are doing any work on your street:

  • before we dig up a road, we will deliver you a letter, giving you and all residents, information on when and where the works will be.
  • We will always provide pedestrian access to properties and local amenities.
  • We will endeavour to maintain vehicle access to properties. Unfortunately this is not always possible and affected properties will be notified in advance. The period of disruption will be kept to a minimum.
  • When we close a road, we will work our way along each affected road in the smallest sections that safe working practices allow, closing the shortest possible section at any time.
  • Work closely with customers who have special needs so that we can programme our works to meet their expectations wherever possible.
  • We will make sure that your bins can be collected as normal during our works. For further refuse collection details please click here.

By improving both the water supply and sewerage system simultaneously we will be able to minimise the impact on the town and its visitors.