Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common concerns for residents and businesses affected by infrastructure projects. If you don't find your own particular issue listed please feel free to contact us.

1. Why are you doing this work?

Many of the sewers in your area were constructed some time ago, designed to deal with the existing foul and storm water flows at that time. Since they were first built, the area has undergone considerable expansion, but the sewerage system has remained the same. It is now unable to cope with this substantial increase in demand, and at times of heavy rainfall, flows build up in the system resulting in internal and external foul flooding* of vulnerable properties. There are over 400 properties in Newark at risk of flooding at times of heavy rainfall. Severn Trent Water is committed to resolving these issues, which will be addressed by the proposed works.

Severn Trent Water also recognise that the existing water supply to Newark needs to be upgraded to improve the existing supply, and to cater for the future expansion of Newark.

2. What will you be doing?

We will be replacing the sewers which serve your area with much larger pipes to significantly increase the capacity of the network in line with modern design standards. In all, a total of 9600 metres of new sewers, 1500 metres of improved sewers and 12500 metres of new and improved water mains pipework and fittings will be installed.

3. Who is paying?

Severn Trent Water. The total value of this project is £60 million.

4. Who are BNM Alliance?

BNM Alliance is a joint venture of two specialist sewerage and water contractors, NMCNomenca and Barhale plc, who are employed by STW to carry out the Design and Construction of sewer and water improvement projects throughout the STW region. Both companies are based in The Midlands, NMCNomenca in Huthwaite near Mansfield, and Barhale plc in Walsall. Both companies have worked for STW for many years, successfully delivering flood alleviation and water projects.

5. Why are you closing some roads?

To alleviate the sewer flooding we need to put in new and much larger sewers, up to 2800mm in diameter in some places. To reduce the effect on traffic we have designed significant sections of the work so that the largest sewer pipes can be installed by tunnelling.

However some of the new sewers will have to be built in the carriageway, to avoid the many existing utility service pipes and cables which are located beneath the town's footpaths. We need to close some roads to provide a safe working area for the plant and equipment needed to install these large pipes.

6. Will these roads be completely closed?

These particular roads will be closed to through traffic. However, we will only occupy relatively short sections at any given time which will be fenced securely to ensure the safety of customers. Outside of these fenced areas, the carriageway will be accessible to vehicles. We are working closely with Nottinghamshire County Highways to maintain traffic flows in the area, which may mean changes to normal traffic routes. More detailed information will be provided before these works are started.

7. Will I be able to get to my property?

Pedestrian access to properties and businesses will be maintained at all times. We will also do our best to maintain vehicular access. However, there will be periods when our working area is located directly outside properties when our fencing requirements will prevent cars being parked on drives. When this occurs you will be notified in advance so that you can make alternative parking arrangements.

8. What will the traffic diversions be?

We have discussed and agreed our traffic management plans with Nottinghamshire County Highways. Proposed diversion routes will be notified to customers on communications relating to works in specific streets, by letter, and on our project website.

9. If I have to park on the road will my car insurance be valid?

If you are concerned that your insurance cover may be affected if you are prevented from parking your car on your drive or in your garage for several days or weeks, please contact your motor vehicle insurers and enquire if any additional premiums will be required to maintain existing cover.

If additional payment is required please send a copy of the relevant correspondence to: Nicholas Wallace, Senior Programme Engineer, Severn Trent Water, PO Box 51, Raynesway, Derby. DE21 7JA.

Alternatively contact a member of the site team, who will help to deal with your enquiry.

10. I have a Business near the proposed works. What happens if I lose trade?

We have had extensive communication with many of the businesses likely to be affected by these works. We will do whatever we can to ensure customers are aware that businesses remain open and accessible, including provision of specific signage to inform motorists that shops and businesses are “OPEN FOR BUSINESS AS USUAL”.

Retail Businesses: If you own and operate a business which benefits from customers visiting to purchase goods or services from you and our works are affecting your custom then please contact our Business Compensation team for advice.

11. Will the work affect bus routes? What will the bus companies do?

We have discussed our proposals with the bus companies which serve Newark, who have prepared plans for alternative services and routes when normal service is affected. Our works will be timed to ensure these are accessible for the agreed periods. Details of these alternatives will be found on the bus companies’ websites in advance of their implementation.

Existing bus stops affected by the changes will be closed by the bus operators, who will provide directions to the nearest alternative collection point.

12. Will my waste collections continue during the works?

Yes. We have discussed our programme with Newark and Sherwood District Council refuse collection department to ensure your collections will continue as normal. There may be periods when your bin needs moving away from the fenced working area to enable collection. BNM Alliance’s site operatives will provide any assistance required to ensure bins are collected and returned to their normal position after emptying.

13. Will my water supply be interrupted during your work?

During our sewer improvement works there will not be any planned interruption to your water supply. During our Water improvement works there may be rare occasions when there will be a limited interruption to your water supply. These will be planned to cause minimum inconvenience in accordance with Severn Trent’s commitment to supply clean and safe water to its customers, and advance notice of any interruption will be given to all affected customers.

14. How will you update us on progress and changes during the works?

Before we start work in an area of Newark we will deliver letters describing the work and the timescale of our work within that area. Before we start work in a street within that area we will deliver a further letter to all customers directly affected by our work in that street, giving more details.

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