Community News

February 2018

BNM Alliance have recently replaced a damaged poly tunnel at a local school.

During storm Doris last year, the schools existing poly tunnel, unfortunately was damaged beyond repair.

While our works have mostly been in the roads, we had to lay some new pipes across the car park of Holy Trinity Catholic School. To say thank you for allowing us here we have donated a new poly tunnel . We had a small team at the school constructing the new tunnel, and with help from the school’s volunteer gardener it was up and ready to use in two days.

The tunnel is a big space for the children of Holy Trinity Catholic Academy to get involved with growing lots of new things. The new outdoor area is a place for students to learn and interact; it is big enough for many students to use as an outdoor classroom.

The structure we have provided is a way for us to show our gratitude to the school for their patience with our works.

15th January- Fire Brigade Visit

On Saturday the 6th of January we had the fire brigade visit at shaft one. They were using our site as a training exercise for the day. It was the perfect opportunity for the team to practise a rescue in such a unique location. They brought along two fire engines and a specialist rescue unit. As soon as they arrived they set up their equipment, within minutes the site had been takeover with every person undertaking a specific task. Then they made their way into the shaft!

With teams above ground on radio they entered the tunnel to retrieve the casualty. The casualty was around 100m into the tunnel. Once safely out they hoisted the stretcher out the shaft. Back at the top and safe on the ground, the team assess them for injury and give them any treatment they need. They are then transported by ambulance to the nearest hospital.

Left: dummy being taken into position in anticipation of the rescue.

Right: The rescue team inside the tunnel.

Left: Teams working to get the casualty onto the stretcher.

Right: The stretcher being hoisted out of the shaft.

The whole day was a great success and a useful exercise for the fire department; the employees on site also found the day interesting and felt reassured in the case of a real emergency.

20th March : A visit to the Newark Orchard School.

On Monday morning, the Newark Orchard School invited us to come and talk to their students about the work we are doing near their school. Our Community Liaison Officer, Charlotte Crake took an assortment of safety wear (PPE) for the children to try on and learn about how our workmen stay safe on site. BNM Alliance’s Luke Mellor, a Site Supervisor kindly put together a model for the children which showed the different layers of earth our tunnelling shafts cut through with some suitably murky looking water at the bottom! He also provided pieces of water pipes for the children to hold and pass around.

The Teachers and students of the Orchard School took part in a fun and educational learning session and we looked at the dangers of entering a building site and why construction workers wear protective clothing. We looked at the different types of mud and stones that have been dug out at the nearby tunnelling shaft and we thought about the water table and how we could keep water out of the shafts and tunnels.

The children came up with some fantastic names for one of our tunnelling machines and they were invited to draw some pictures and let us know their ideas for decorating the machines and the site hoardings. We will be collecting in the names that the children have thought of for the tunneling machine and one will be picked as the winner! We can’t wait to see their art work and hope we will be invited back to see the students again. Thank you to Orchard School teacher Ryan McWilliams for making the visit possible and to the children for being so welcoming.

BNMAlliance takes its responsibility for considerate construction practices very seriously. In addition to keeping an open dialogue with residents and local businesses we will actively seek out ways to involve schools and community groups throughout the lifetime of our project.

This page will be updated regularly to keep you informed of what we are doing in your community. We will also share links to events that are relevant to the people of Newark.

On the 18th of December 2016 Beumond House Hospice held a special event at Newark Castle. Carols were sung and candels were lit in memory of friends and loved ones.

The event was a huge success and six volunteers from BNMAlliance and Severn Trent Water were on hand to help, donning Christmas headwear.