We know that in today's world, schools are receiving less funding while being pressed to implement more demanding initiatives. In response to the demands of 21st century education and assessment, we here at NORT2H work very hard to provide the most up-to-date and efficient Professional Development opportunities. If you are thinking about the direction that your district, building, or classroom should take concerning Blended Learning, BYOD, or any other integration of curriculum with technology, we are excited to help.

If you know what you are looking for, or just want to see everything that NORT2H can offer your teachers and students, feel free to click the buttons below to see our current catalog or insert of new/highlighted services. If you are feeling completely overwhelmed with the many ways to meaningfully integrate curriculum with technology, click HERE to go to our contact page. Drop us an email or call one of NORT2H's specialists. We will help you narrow your focus and design professional development opportunities that fit the needs of your district. If you have any questions you can also call or email us at your convenience.


​"Dave and Mike have an innate way of reaching all learners. NORT2H exceeded my expectations as a professional development organization and I am thrilled to have them back for 2016-17!" Dr. Ted Caleris, Director of Administrative Services, Cuyahoga Heights Schools

"Our staff found Dave and Mike extremely relatable, and we saw dramatic increases in the use of technology throughout our building. NORT2H has been a great asset to our teachers." Joseph Dannemiller, Executive Director, Cuyahoga Valley Career Center

"Dave did an excellent job keeping us engaged and I walked away with ideas/knowledge I will be able to use in the classroom." ~Cindy A.

"Allowing the participants to work on a multitude of hands-on activities that built upon one another at each step." ~John L.

"The practical uses for classroom teachers. Mike's willingness to share classroom examples and lesson ideas." ~Julie C.

"The session was informative, hands-on and engaging. I appreciate being able to get questions answered along the way. Well done." ~Ruth N.

"I learned a lot about Chromebooks and appreciated the time to create presentations for training staff. The training was purposeful." ~Wanda S.

"Presented by former teachers, they understand how we can use it and share good and b ad problems. Lots of hands-on opportunity." ~Pam M.

"Very good and helpful information presented, especially if you want to use technology in your daily activities and classroom instructions. Well done!" ~Marilyn R.

"The presenter's had great patience with the audience at different levels of knowledge." ~Kathie B.

"Nice job in creating a friendly and engaging atmosphere. Encouraged questions and discussion outside of the general curriculum." ~Lynn G.

"Presenters did a really nice job presenting and had personality to keep people interested." ~Greg O.

"Left the sessions feeling very excited about what I had learned. Made a HUGE difference that the presenters have actually spent time in the classroom." ~Jeanne E.

"Dave and Mike kept us moving smoothly and interacting with our Chromebook the entire time. Definitely not a typical workshop :)" ~Carol E.

"Dave was extremely knowledgeable about iPad use for teachers in the classroom. I hope he can lead our staff in future professional development workshops." ~Emily H.

"Dynamic, relevant, great slideshow, collaborative, patient, helpful" ~Jim T.

"I was afraid of Google before, but I can see all of the cool ways that I can use it!!" ~Janice K.

"We had time to try several Google Apps and Extensions." ~Bill H.

"Mike's Google training was fun and useful." ~Cathy K.

"Lots of great information. Very informative! Would have never found all of this on my own!" ~Faye S.

"Tons of great Google resources!" ~Carol R.

"Mike's SMARTboard training enabled me to interact with the technology and take the presentation in a direction that I was interested in going." ~Sue G.

"I liked learning about Smart Notebook applications, brushing up on Smartboard skills that I have not used in a few years." ~Christine B.

"Mike was very knowledgeable and was informative with introducing the instructors to the different Google Classroom resources, assignments, quizzez etc." ~Reggie T.

"This Google workshop has taught lessons that can all be used in the classroom and are worthwhile. I truly have changed how I teach from the information I gathered. I feel so much more confident about my ability to use technology for myself and in my classroom with my students." ~Carolyn K.

"Thank you, Mike, for offering theses Google sessions. They were very informative." ~Kathy B.

"Great practical experience with Google Resources." ~Laura K.

"The Smart Notebook training was informative and I am excited to use more in the classroom." ~Penny B

"NORT2H training is always so well organized and prepared. They are able to answer all of my questions with ease." ~Cindy L.