Service Spotlight

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Sustained Coaching

Provide weekly instructional technology integration including model lessons, one-on-one support, and small group professional development on topics customized for each individual or group.

Media Space Makeover

Assist districts in redesigning their media centers to incorporate flexible seating, promote student choice, and increase Maker or Tinkerspace (STEM) offerings.

Standards Based Assessment Academy

Facilitate pilot group usage of digital assessment tools with focus on Common Assessments, Depth of Knowledge, & Data Driven Instruction

Immersive Education VisionScape

Help districts envision and plan for the implementation of cutting edge technology into instruction through an immersive experience designed to showcase Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Artificial Intelligence.

1 to 1 & 1 to World Implementation​

Assist districts in implementing 1 device to 1 student in grades 6 - 12 though consultation, site visits, and training.

Level Up: Classified Staff

​Provide initial and ongoing PD to administrative assistants, paras, and other classified staff with focus on utilizing the same G Suite for Education tools that are being used in the classroom.

Instructional ​Technology Audit

​​Provide an outside (but friendly) group to assess how technology was being implemented into instruction via surveys and small group meetings.

Monthly Instructional Technology Coach Development

Host meetings with teams of instructional tech coaches focused on building capacity, sharing resources, and communicating new practices with their districts.

Custom Training for Large Format Printer

Provide support and training to assist teachers in printing banners, decals, clings, and t-shirts for PBL across all content areas.

Innovation Site Visits

Organize, host, and facilitate site visits to see schools across Ohio that are redesigning media centers, classrooms, and STEM/Makerspaces.