Spanish with Sra. Stuck at DHS

Why do I need to visit this website?

I want help with Spanish 1 or 2 at Denbigh High School.

I want to be a part of PATRIOT GAMES -- the club where we have all the right moves!

What do I need for this class?

Please bring to each class session: composition notebook, pencil with an eraser (or pen), paper, positive attitude, regular attendance

Once we are 1:1: Please also bring your CHARGED Google Chrome book.

Optional: glue stick, colored pencils and/or markers and/or crayons, inexpensive Spanish/English dictionary

WHY? When we go 1:1 why do we need the other stuff? Technology should only be used when it will truly help students learn. Sometimes technology doesn't work -- we need a back up plan! Sometimes we get "tech-tired." Students may need access to notes to study when the devices are collected in May -- not everyone has independent, permanent access at home.

Taking notes: Handwritten vs. computer? It depends!

See section below for a list of research references.

Contact information:

Mrs. Wendy S. Stuck, Denbigh High School, 259 Denbigh Boulevard, Newport News, Virginia 23608

757-886-7700 x24178

Please investigate each of the pages/tabs

for useful, helpful information about class, for resources and links to free online tutorial sites.

My hero! If I had Magic School bus, we would go on a ride!

to my students...

Taking notes: Handwritten vs. computer? It depends!

WHY are you taking notes? Do you want to share them? How are you taking notes? Are you using a stylus and "writing" on a screen Are you typing as you watch and listen? Do you struggle to pay attention while you listen? Does writing help you pay attention, or does it slow you down? Each student is unique. Each note-taking situation is unique.

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Want to research more to defend your perspective? Rely on sites that are .org or .edu more than .com. Look for articles that are "peer reviewed. Here are links to help you start: and .