Spanish with Sra. Stuck at DHS

Why do I need to visit this website?

I want help with Spanish 1 or 2 at Denbigh High School.

I want to be a part of PATRIOT GAMES -- the club where we have all the right moves!

What do I need for this class?

Please bring to each class session: pencil, composition notebook, paper, pen, positive attitude, regular attendance

Optional: glue stick, colored pencils and/or markers and/or crayons, inexpensive Spanish/English dictionary, USB thumb drive

Contact information:

Mrs. Wendy S. Stuck, Denbigh High School, 259 Denbigh Boulevard, Newport News, Virginia 23608

757-886-7700 x24178

Please investigate each of the pages/tabs

for useful, helpful information about class, for resources and links to free online tutorial sites.

My hero! If I had Magic School bus, we would go on a ride!

to my students...

What is in this classroom?

We will keep track of our progress on our Data Wall. Each class has its own pyramid. We will update it at each assessment. World Language classes are unique — we teach multiple SOL strands together within a lesson, and our assessments combine SOL strands. Please visit the VDOE website to see our SOL standards.

Please note the message atop the chalkboard. These are NOT grades. Spanish 1 students begin their language learning adventure at “Novice Low,” and they work towards Novice Mid / Novice High. Spanish 2 students hopefully start the year at Novice Mid / Novice High and work towards Intermediate Low. I believe I am a Proficient speaker (I am not a native/heritage speaker.)

Our “BBC” or “blackboard configuration: Each class’ “do now,” objectives/can-do statement, lesson steps, closure and homework will be posted on the board daily in addition to the smart board’s “start board.”

Facing front: The Smartboard notes from each class will be saved nightly to the blog in our class’ “Pages” area. Homeroom says the Pledge daily. Please join in or simply stand or sit silently and respectfully. The poster has it in Spanish if you wish to learn it in our target language. The tvs in the cafeteria, media center and offices keep a rolling scroll of useful information