Driving New Mexico Adult Education Forward through Professional Learning, Communication, and Support

NMHED and Propel are pleased to introduce the Professional Learning Policy and Planning Toolkit.
Click here to view the recorded webinar, policy, and toolkit documents.

TotalTranscriptTM  option is now available through Diploma Sender.  TotalTranscript allows HSE attainment through taking exams from different publishers.  For more information see TotalTranscript HSE Overview.

Upcoming Events

June 1: Monthly Data Update Due

June 1: TSTM Webinar: Using the TSTM Toolkit

June 1: Professional Learning Policy and Toolkit Webinar

June 5 & 6: Motivational Coaching: Short Course at DACC

June 7: ESL Open Forum

June 9 & 10: Digital Literacy Institute

June 12: Adult Literacy Grantees Meeting

June 14: Data TA with Shannon Stangis

June 21: AEFLA Funded Directors Meeting

June 21: Motivational Coaching: Holding Space

June 22 & 23: Literacy Conference

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NMAEA/Propel does not discriminate with regard to race, culture, ancestry, color, national origin, sex, age, religion or handicap in their programs or hiring practices. The activity which is the subject of this report was supported in whole or part by the United States Department of Education. However, the opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the policy of the United States Department of Education, and no official endorsement of that office should be inferred.