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Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and Education Secretary Stephanie Rodriguez were honored by COABE as National Legislative Champion Awards. See Secretary Rodriguez's video about receiving this award and hear her personal story at

This Month's Events
TSTM Webinar and Workshop - Canceled

October 5: Motivational Coaching Webinar - A Coach Approach: Building Trust through Curiosity not Criticism

October 7: ELL Webinar - ELL Assessment and Evaluation: Using Assessment Methods to Enhance ELL Instruction

October 7-8: Training from the BACK of the Room at SFCC

October 10: Adult Literacy Grantees Meeting

October 12: Data TA with Shannon Stangis from Literacy Pro

October 13: Brain-Based Instruction in Practice Forum

October 13: Serving All Students - LINCS Webinar

October 14: Tech Talk Webinar

October 19: Motivational Coaching Workshop and Support

October 19: AEFLA Directors Meeting - Canceled

October 21: Tech Talk Workshop

October 21: ELL Workshop

October 28 NMAEA Virtual Teachers' Institute

TBR Flyer - SFCC 2022.pdf


Adult Education Flyer for Distribution

Please download and distribute the flyer below. If you create your own flyer for your program, you can use the QR code image (QR Code - Online Student Portal). You may also modify the editable Word Document for your program.

Adult education flyer June 2022_Final.pdf

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