Data Policies and Procedures

Monthly Reporting Forms

Please complete the appropriate form by the first business day of each month.

AEFLA Monthly Data Reporting Form

Adult Literacy Monthly Data Reporting Form

Data Dashboards

AEFLA Data Dashboards


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IET Data Dashboards

Data Policies and Guidelines

Program Data Policies and Guidelines

All staff should have clear understanding of the data collection process to ensure accurate and reliable data. All staff is expected to familiarize themselves with the NRS and its requirements and complete 3 the online trainings available at Self-Paced Online Courses | NRSWeb: Self-Paced Online Courses | NRSWeb 

Measuring Performance Under WIOA

Using NRS Data

NRS Data Use Guide Training Course

It is also expected that staff seek training on all aspects of LACES to be able to perform all data functions necessary for data collection and verification as well as program management. Staff needs to complete all LACES training videos that can be found at with password: enchantment.

NMHED requires that all program directors and data technicians complete Beginners LACES training and familiarize themselves with LACES Beginners manual available on Propel. It can also be requested from the state office. The state office performs individual on-demand as well as group hybrid (in person/virtual) LACES trainings. Intermediate LACES training is also offered by the state office once a year. Local program directors and data technicians are expected to be able to:

 • Print a current fiscal year student list

Open all NRS Tables for current and past years

Find hours between assessments

Identify/analyze/correct missing/inaccurate data using Student Diagnostic tool

Identify all students that attained HSE

Identify students eligible for assessments

Identify students eligible for after exit surveys

Current AEFLA Intake Form: This form is a model and contains all information that must be collected for NRS reporting.  Programs may modify the form or create their own but must include all of the required information.


LACES Information: LACES is the online student data management software used by NM adult education programs. LACES is powerful and its use can sometimes be complex; training and guidance are necessary for all new users. When program staff needs access to LACES, please email the State Data Administrator with the request for access and the type of access requested or tasks performed.  All program staff is encouraged to reach out to state office for assistance with the use of LACES database. Questions related to the LACES database are welcome and can be directed to the State Data Administrator, to LACES technical support staff using the technical support link provided in LACES, or by contacting technical support at or at 1-888-714-9464.

Questions related to state or federal policy should be directed to the State Data Administrator, the State Director, or by accessing the NRS Technical Assistance (TA) Guide at


National Reporting System (NRS): The National Reporting System for Adult Education (NRS) is an outcome-based reporting system for the State-administered, federally funded adult education program.

Contact Person: Dr. Katya Backhaus, State High School Equivalency & Data Administrator


Phone: (505) 660 -8824

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