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Los Alamos Daily Post ran NMHED's press release for Adult Education and Family Literacy Week!

Recently, our Adult Education State Director, Amber Gallup, attended the Governor's Literacy Institute.  While the focus is on childhood literacy, there is attention to adult literacy.  See the  resources in this section to learn more.

Upcoming Events

October 3: Monthly Data Update Due

October 4: ESL Open Forum

October 6: TSTM Cohort Session 2 (Registration Required)

October 11: Data TA with Shannon Stangis

October 18: AEFLA Funded Directors Meeting

October 19: TSTM Webinar: Integrated/Contextualized Approach

October 27 & 28: Training from the BACK of the Room at DACC (Registration Required)

Registration is now closed for the Annual Conference.  We hope to see you there!

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