The Learning that Takes You Places site is designed to offer enrichment and learning opportunities for students K-12 throughout the summer. This site offers students the opportunity to virtually explore a variety of cultures and locations around the world by reading, discussing, writing, reflecting, and extending their learning. Learning that Takes You Places is designed to cross grade levels and content areas while incorporating aspects of STEM, CTE, athletics, and fine arts.


Travel Plan Components

  1. Global Connections:

Short exploratory lessons or videos designed to show connections between locations around the world

2. Explore:

Articles, videos, infographics, websites, etc. that offer students insight into a particular region/location

3. Discuss & Reflect:

Questions and conversation starters designed to get students talking about new learning that occurred in the "Explore" section, followed by choice opportunities to showcase their learning

4. Try It Out!

An engaging opportunity to attempt a recipe, music, art, dance, sport, or other culturally relevant activity for a particular region/location

5. Healthy Living & Wellness

Resources, tips, videos and more on living a healthy lifestyle, highlighting nutrition, physical health, and mental/emotional well-being

Make Summer Learning Successful

Summer Learning Site Tour

Walk through the lesson design and components, as well as other features on the website.

Google Earth Overview

Become familiar with the basic features and functions of Google Earth.

Google Earth Aerial and Street View Features

Learn how to navigate between views on Google Earth.

Travel Plans


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Safe Sharing Reminder:

When completing and sharing your travel journey, remember that it is important to keep personal information private. Student safety is NISD's number one priority. Watch this video to learn more about sharing safely online.