1. Build a Culture of ePortfolios

Part of implementing ePortfolios is understanding that they are inherent to all of the other work we do as educators. As a cyclical practice, ePortfolios can support in-depth reflection, literacy, critical thinking, social-emotional learning, digital citizenship, and so much more.

To build a culture of ePortfolios, set clear campus and classroom expectations around ePortfolios, make time for goal setting and reflection, model ePortfolios by creating and updating your own, and provide students with natural opportunities to share their ePortfolio with an authentic audience.

While it may take time to initially create an ePortfolio, educators should find opportunities both in curriculum and on campus where updating and sharing student ePortfolios fits naturally into the process of learning.

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2. Find 'Your' Why

The purpose of a student's ePortfolio evolves as they get older and more proficient in safely sharing their work online. Finding their 'why' helps students develop a strong foundation for continued success by identifying the personal ways an ePortfolio can help them meet their professional and personal goals.

The first step to student buy-in is to help them find the personal value of an ePortfolio and to ask them to imagine and articulate how a tool like this can help them reach their goals. Give students an opportunity to find their own "why" for creating an ePortfolio using the video on our "Get Inspired" page.

3. Empower Students

Empower your students with ample time, helpful resources, and authentic reasons to create and update their ePortfolio, remembering that developing ePortfolios is an ongoing, cyclical process. As you plan for learning, refer back to student ePortfolios and encourage them to reflect on their learning through that platform.

One way to provide an authentic audience is to upload your students' ePortfolio links to eSchool so that parents, teachers, and administrators can access them. Find out how to add a link in eSchool here.

Keep in mind, you don't have to be an expert in Google sites to get started! Use the resources on this site or reach out to your campus instructional technologist for help.

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The Northwest ISD ePortfolio Curriculum currently consists of 12 lessons designed to empower students to create an ePortfolio that will support their educational, professional, and personal goals. Through these lessons we hope to equip teachers with the tools they need to support students in this endeavor.

The lessons are grouped under the following categories: Find Ourselves to Find Our Why, Building & Organizing, Designing & Personalizing, Defining Quality Content, On-Going Reflection, and finally Building a Professional Resume.

Not sure where to start? Reach out to your campus Instructional Technologist for help, ideas, and training.