ePortfolios empower learners to showcase their whole self. They also serve as a platform for students to safely connect with an authentic audience by sharing the work they are most proud of, reflecting on their goals, and highlighting both their academic and non-academic strengths.

ePortfolios celebrate the rigorous and dynamic learning experiences happening on campuses and in classrooms through a cyclical, on-going process. The process of creating an ePortfolio challenges students to think critically about their academics, aids as a tool in their social-emotional growth, and encourages students to create a positive digital footprint.

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"By creating an ePortfolio, I have learned how to be more creative and organized through using technology. I would tell others to personalize their [ePortfolio] to fit them best... and to upload their work as they complete new projects."

Kylee DeLong (NISD Student)

"I believe that having a personalized ePortfolio is important… it allows each individual to showcase their personality, along with their individual work."

Austin Navarrette (NISD Graduate)

"Coaching students through the design and development of their e-portfolios has been an incredible relationship building tool. As students create a digital representation of their academic and co-curricular careers, I gain a greater understanding of student interests and goals..."

Meghan Davis (NISD Educator)

"There are more ways to show how students are learning than just using a test... ePortfolios have become a real world, real life, authentic tool. The best ePortfolios I see are not just academic. They show what kids are interested in... It’s really about having a kid say, ‘This is what I’m proud of and this is why I’m proud of it'."

Rob Thornell (Deputy Superintendent for C&I)