For students, the purpose and intended audience of an ePortfolio will depend ony age, grade level, and personal goals. Below are student samples that you can explore to get ideas and inspiration.

Elementary School

Our K-2 students use SeeSaw to create and share their ePortfolios, while our 3-5 students build their ePortfolios in Google Sites.  Students in these grades learn to reflect on their learning, to select work they are proud of, and how to share safely with parents and teachers.  It is important for students to learn about what information is safe and unsafe and appropriate or inappropriate to publish online.

Middle School

Many students in middle school update their ePortfolios to better reflect their goals, interests, and learning. Middle school students often use their ePortfolios to showcase their involvement with student leadership clubs and programs, share highlights and growth with coaches and leaders, and apply to NISD academies.

High School

In high school, students use their ePortfolios as a tool of self-advocacy and self-reflection as they prepare for the future. In addition to documenting their growth and learning throughout their education, the high school ePortfolio evolves to become a dynamic, evidence-based resume for college, career, and more.