In Northwest ISD, our youngest learners acquire the skills necessary to showcase their work in a digital format. These digital representations of learning are called ePortfolios. You are receiving this link because your student is in a younger elementary grade where we utilize teacher controlled ePortfolios to better protect our students while simultaneously highlighting your child's dynamic learning experiences and growth.

By participating in the ePortfolio process, your child is:

  • Selecting the work they are most proud of

  • Reflecting on their learning

  • Sharing safely with an appropriate audience

The standard program our district uses for primary ePortfolios is Seesaw. If you are aware of how to access your Seesaw account, please click HERE to log in and view your child's digital ePortfolio. If you do not have a Seesaw account, if your student's campus uses a different ePortfolio, or if you cannot access your child's ePortfolio, please contact your child's teacher.

For more information about viewing your a Seesaw portfolio, contact your child's teacher.

Navigating Seesaw: NISD Family Resource