Seamless Integration between Ninja Van & WasapBot

Connect your WasapBot Plugin to your Ninja Dashboard and start shipping with us in just a few clicks!

What is Ninja Van x WasapBot Integration? is a platform that helps send WhatsApp automatically, directly to unlimited prospects or buyers at any time!

If you are managing your orders through WooCommerce on WordPress and want a solution to coordinate your domestic delivery, this plugin is what you need! With the Ninja Van for WooCommerce extension, you can easily retrieve shipping products, print labels, and provide tracking information to your customers. Kindly click on the button below to proceed with the integration

Features & Benefits

Seamless Shipping Order Creation with Automation

You can create Ninja Van Orders and Print Waybills directly from your Website Admin Page. We offer a full integration feature where your Website's Admin Page will be the one-stop platform for Order & Courier Management

  • Auto-Push Order Creation

  • Domestic Delivery

  • Cash-on-Delivery Service

Automated Status Update based on Parcel Status

Automatically update your Order Status based on the Parcel Status. No more manually changing the Order Status. Auto update status and send email when:

  • Shipping Order Created

  • Parcel Collected by Ninja

  • Parcel Delivered to Customer

  • Parcel Return to Seller

Directly Bulk Print Waybills with Packing List Included

Printing waybills / consignment note has never been easier and your operation team can run even smoother with the display of full item descriptions to ease your Pick & Pack Process. Supported for multiple waybill formats

  • A5 Size

  • Thermal Printer


When an order enters your e-commerce, NinjaWasap will send a Whatsapp notification to your customers to indicate "your order has been received".


The Ninjavan plugin will continue to enter the previous order into the Ninjavan dashboard.


NinjaWasap will send the Tracking Number to the customer automatically.

4. Out For Delivery

NinjaWasap will send a Whatsapp notification when the item has left Ninjavan and is on its way to the customer's house.

5. Parcel Delivered

NinjaWasap will send a Whatsapp notification when the item has successfully reached the customer.

6. Follow UP

Send fumes after a few days for Follow UP feedback after using your product.

Don't Have a Ninja Van Account or WasapBot Account?

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Click on the link to sign-up for Ninja Van's Pro Account. Just drop us your details and our sales Ninjas will get in touch with you soonest.

Sign-Up with WasapBot

Register for free to get started by simply clicking on the link to sign-up to WasapBot. You will be redirected to Ninja Rewards Page.

I'm ready to connect my WasapBot Account

to my Ninja Van Pro Account!

Once you have both Ninja Van Pro Account and WasapBot Account, kindly click on the button below to proceed with the integration