ILEARN for Teachers

Dr. Michelle Grewe

Director of Professional Learning @ NIESC & NWIESC

The 2022-23 Testing Window is April 17, 2023 - May 12,  2023

ILEARN assesses the Indiana Academic Standards:

English/Language Arts (Grades 3-8)

Mathematics (Grades 3-8)  

Science (Grades 4, 6)

Social Studies (Grade 5 Not Computer Adaptive (Fixed))

Understanding the Test

Abbreviated ILEARN Overview  Grewe Abbreviated Version 2 pages

Parent Video (2018-19, but still good)

Important ILEARN Link:  ILEARN Portal 

Practice Tests

Practice Tests for ILEARN  - Grewe Abbreviated Directions 

Online Practice Sites

Released Items Repository 

Released Items Repository - Grewe summary

Released Items Repository Scoring Guides by Year - See answers and a great resource to find printable examples of ILEARN question formats. Check out different grade levels for examples as well.

2018-2019 – All grades and content areas scoring guide

2019-2020 – All grades and content areas scoring guide

2021-2022 – All grades and content areas. scoring guide

2022-2023 - All grades and content areas scoring guide

The Desmos Calculators are embedded in the ILEARN Mathematics assessments. 

ELA Performance Tasks Smarter Balanced Annotated Response Tool - This tool allows you to see several student writing responses with the same prompt. The scores using ILEARN rubrics are given. Show students what responses at different rubric levels look like, and even print examples and have them use the rubric to assign points. Great teachable opportunity. Resource Information

Math Performance Tasks

Science and Social Studies Performance Tasks