Primary News

12 October 2018

From the Head of Primary

At the end of our first term of 2018-2019 it is wonderful to reflect on all the learning experiences that our children have been part of, whether these were in our learning spaces, at events and activities across Singapore and even beyond. In the last two weeks alone, Year 3 learners have been on camp at Sembawang ... Kindergarten learners have visited Jacob Ballas Gardens and hosted their first Mini Exhibition ... Year 3 and 5 learners have learnt about being a Restorative School (delivered by our Support 65 team) ... our Primary Orchestra and Choir have performed to the whole school and Year 1 have been searching for the Big Bad Wolf! Every day in Primary School is certainly different! Do take a look at the Recent Events page to find out more about these experiences. On the Important Notices page there is also an update on the Global Goals day - Quality Education fundraising.

Please also enjoy a brief recap including some of the learners' favourite photographs at Primary School events that took place in Term 1 in the video below.

Term 2 is equally exciting. Please do read through the Upcoming Events page to find out about how you and your child can get involved in Nexus Diversity Week 2018: Me, You, Us! the first week back after the holiday and our Deepavali celebrations in early November.

I am also setting a special challenge for the holiday ...

Mr. Paul's reuse and recycle treasure challenge!

All children are challenged to collect a few items of 'treasure' to donate to the school. I would suggest they get a small paper bag to put all their 'treasure' in. We will collect all this wonderful treasure on Monday when we return to school. The items I challenge them to collect and donate are:

  • 5 lego or duplo bricks (not white or black)
  • 5 plastic bottle caps (not clear or white - if you can only find clear or white ones, you may want to use paint or pens to colour them)
  • 10 metal ring pulls
  • 2 plastic carrier bags (not clear or white)
  • 2 old CDs
  • 5 dried natural items (eg: seeds, leaves, sticks, cones) that are interesting colours

May I once again thank parents that joined at the Parent Teacher Conferences a couple weeks ago. We are always keen to reflect on our events. Please click here to provide any feedback you have.

Finally, I leave you with an image of Our New School. My apologies that it is slightly blurred; the school is so amazing that the drone has to fly extremely high to caputre the whole site! The 10th floor is now being started - only two more floors to go! To the right of the image the two white areas are the bases of our two swimming pools. If you look carefully at the right hand end of the main building you will see a large slope of dark earth which will form the basis of our 650-seat theatre.

I thank you all for being a part of the Nexus community over this last term and wish you all safe and happy holidays!

Paul Beach

Head of Primary School