Recent Events

Year 4 Malacca Residential Trip

Our three day, two night adventure to Malacca was a memorable experience for the learners. From the journey in the bus, to the activities and even the fantastic hotel rooms, there's much to talk about.

Over the three days, the children participated in a wide variety of activities such as a river cruise, visits to numerous museums exploring the migration trends to Malacca and a chance to use a local, public swimming pool.

Here's what some of the children had to say:

'I thought the river cruise was great because we got a glimpse of the buildings, bridges and the actual river. I found out that the river was an ideal way for trade to come in. I thought the Taming Sari tower was also great because we could see what all the buildings in Malacca looked like."

"I felt excited in the Maritime Museum because I thought the weapons, chests and mini ships they had inside were cool. I found out that the Maritime Museum is actually a replica of a Portuguese ship that sank.'

"I enjoyed the Taming Sari tower because I liked going up and around. I learned that Nyonya’s accessories were mostly made out of gold and diamonds and they looked very pretty. I also learned what things they cooked with, such as spices. There were cinnamon sticks, star anise and all sorts of other spices!"

Year 5 Mini Production of 'The Sneetches'

The story of ‘The Sneetches’ is actually nearly 60 years old. Written in 1961, Dr. Seuss wanted to teach children about discrimination and used belly stars to differentiate one group of Sneetches from another. Thanks to an out of town visitor taking advantage of their conflict, the Sneetches gradually come to realise how silly they are being and begin to treat each other fairly and equally.

The children were excited to finally take to the stage to perform for you their very own version of this Dr. Seuss classic. They started with Monday and Wednesday dress rehearsals for other learners in the school, followed by a fabulous final performance for the parents on the Friday.

It was truly wonderful to see our learners acting and singing with such confidence. Six weeks of commitment to remembering lines, songs, movement, overcoming nerves and working as a very large team on stage has really paid off.

We hope you enjoyed our production of ‘The Sneetches’ and that it becomes a happy memory for yourselves and the young performers.

Learner-led French Year 5 and 6 Party

To celebrate the end of our connection with the Year 6 Unit of Inquiry entitled 'How We Organise Ourselves', learners took part in a party involving activities that they had planned and organised themselves. They sent invitations in French, introduced their activities and gave instructions. They learnt a few lessons about timings and organisation along the way but the smiles, participation and at times level of noise showed that they really enjoyed the experience!

Mid -Autumn Festival Celebrations

The Mid Autumn Festival is one of the most important traditions in the Chinese cultural calendar. The festival gives thanks for the harvest and is a time for harmonious family reunions. To share this spirit and to promote an appreciation of the Chinese culture, learners participated in a lantern making event as their contribution to the festivities. Younger learners also had the opportunities to make snow-skin mooncakes and some of our older learners joined the Bouncing Bean playgroup to celebrate with the toddlers.