Primary News

16 November 2018

From our Head of Primary

Last week, we celebrated Deepavali with our Hindu families. Learners finally found out what my 'Treasure Challenge' was all about... as they reused all of their materials to create massive rangoli patterns across the school. Our celebrations included included cookery activities, dhol drumming, traditional Indian storytelling, bhangra and bollywood dancing and henna and much more! My huge thanks to all the parents and staff involved in this fantastic festival of light.

Our wonderful team of library staff and parent volunteers also helped us to celebrate Halloween through lunchtime arts and craft activities taking place in a spooktacularly decorated library!

See photos under 'Recent Events' for both of these celebrations.

The last fortnight has been a fantastic period of deep learning throughout the Primary School. This has included a number of exciting learning experiences beyond the Nexus campus. Education outside the classroom is a large part of the learning at Nexus. We understand the importance of rich learning experiences to promote deeper understandings, that is why all day trips are included in our school fees. We are privileged to be living in a city that has numerous wonderful resources available for us to explore and make use of.

Recently, in Year 2 our exploration into light began with a series of provocations at the ArtScience's Future World exhibition. This has led to the children beginning to develop their lines of inquiry with questions such as: where does light come from? how does light travel?

This week, our Year 1 learners travelled to the Science Centre for a guided exploration into forces: pushes, pulls, gravity, friction, upthrust, resistance found in the many exciting indoor and outdoor exhibits. They will be building on this new knowledge as they design and set up their own scientific experiments.

Meanwhile, Year 5 learners have been inquiring into the concept of social systems with a tour of Parliament House to understand more about the origins and development of the Singapore government. Bringing this understanding back into class, the learners have set up their own political parties, written manifestos and campaigned to our Year 4 and 6 learners to get their votes!

On Wednesday we held our inaugural Nexus 6 Film Festival. Whilst this fabulous red carpet event took place at our campus, we are thrilled that some of the creative work of our young filmmakers may be shown across the country as part of the Singapore Film Fetsival.

Today's assembly for Years 3 to 6 was a celebration of all this powerful learning taking place. It was also an opportunity to share how many of our Primary learners are showing many of the attributes of the PYP Learner Profile, such as leadership, empathy, commitment, independence, confidence and leadership. So many learners are choosing to take action to make the school, or Singapore or the world a better place. We shared so many examples from just the last couple of weeks, these included Silly Sock Fridays, Meat-free Mondays, Dance Clubs, Toy Swaps, Terrific Thursday Theatre and our Crazy Hair Day (coming soon - see 'Upcoming Events' for details).

With best regards.

Paul Beach, Head of Primary

Key events coming up soon include:

  • Phase 1 (Nursery and Kindergarten) Christmas Market
  • Nexus Christmas Fair
  • Carol Concerts

Please check the calendar for further details.