App Resource Selection Guidelines for Staff

In February of 2017, the Newtown Public Schools' District Technology Committee (DTC) has established some guidelines and clarifications intended to help staff as they make app and resource selections

Please make note of the following guidelines for staff on app/resource selection and use:

  1. Using an account under your own name and allowing students to use it to create projects, is a violation of PA16-189. The provider still has access to student generated content.
  2. Using generic logins for your students does not eliminate the need for a contract addendum per the requirements of the Act. A generic logon also builds a profile for a student.
  3. Using an app that explicitly states not for use by students under the age of 13 is not permissible in grades K-8. However in the case where an argument can be made that the app/resource meets a unique need that can not be met by another, consideration will be given. In these instances, if approved, the staff member will be required to obtain and maintain a record of parent approval signatures.
  4. Using an app/resource that has an age requirement of 18 years or older will be prohibited in all grades.

Thank you for your patience as we have evolved our process to ensure compliance with the Public Act.