Student Data Privacy

Newtown Public Schools recognize that, to be productive contributing members of society, it is vital for all students to be able to efficiently and effectively use digital tools. Digital tools empower students in their ability to research, problem solve, create content, communicate, and collaborate as well as support staff in the delivery and re-enforcement of district curriculum.

Newtown Public Schools' practices have always put student safety first. When it comes to the use of digital resources, careful thought is given to the value of the resource, the types of logons to be used and the data collected before it is adopted. The existing laws such as FERPA and COPPA provided a basis for all decision making.

To ensure the consistency in practice, the State of Connecticut passed a new law regarding student data that went into effect on October 1, 2016, Public Act Number 16-189 (PA16-189). The Act requires each school district to establish a Data Privacy Contract with all vendors and consultants that work in our schools and have access to student data. The act also requires these contracts from all external technology resources that have access to and maintain student data. Student data, as defined by this law, includes: student information, student records, and student generated content.

PA16-189 further requires that all districts post a list of all applications, online resources and contractors as a method for notifying parents and students.

In compliance with Connecticut State Law, we have posted a list of digital resources used within the district that house student data. The programs or resources may be in use district-wide, in a very small number of classrooms, or with individual students. The list will be updated each time the district enters into a new contract where student data is housed. To view the list click here.

This list will be continually updated as we work through contracts upon their renewal. Please check back frequently to keep informed.

Additionally, You will be able to find information on any breaches here by navigating to the Breach Notification page.