Student Expectations

What is Expected in the WISE Project?

  1. Daily and/or consistent progress on a project/internship.
  2. Keep a journal/blog of your work. Each entry must be dated and contain a minimum of 60 words. The content of the entries is individual and must include activities, reflections on activities, reflections on the progress of the project, relationship of the project to larger life, etc. The journal should also include two interviews and documentation of outside readings.
  3. Meet with your Faculty Mentor (must be someone in the building) once a week during Term 4 to review the student journal/blog.
  4. Attend WISE class with coordinators on a weekly basis.
  5. Meet the obligations of Term 4 English, including Senior Paper and Senior Synthesis Paper.
  6. Complete a WISE Presentation.

Failure to meet the requirements of the WISE Program could result in the student's return to all classes where they would be expected to make-up all missed course work.