Mentor Responsibilities

WISE Faculty Mentor Responsibilities

Being a mentor is a wonderful opportunity to learn with a student outside of class. However, it does involve a time commitment. Please be aware of this when making your decision. Most mentors felt that being a mentor allowed them to share with a student a personal and meaningful relationship that is rarely possible in the traditional classroom schedule. The mentor does not need to be an expert in the project content area.

Responsibilities of the WISE Mentor:

  • Meet with your student at least once a week during Term 4.
  • Discuss your student's experiences, including readings, insights, problems encountered, thoughts/feelings, and journal entries.
  • Plan to contact your mentee's supervisor to set guidelines and expectations. We will have periodic phone/e-mail contact with your student's supervisor, but we encourage you to have regular contact with them also.
  • Be prepared to attend your student's final presentation and introduce him/her to the evaluators and make final comments. Also, please be available to help in the student's presentation preparation.
  • Please DO NOT commit to mentoring more than two students.