Newton South

WISE Program

Program Coordinators: Ms. Londino, Ms. Engel, & Ms. Wiener

The WISE program allows qualified seniors to spend Term 4 working on a substantial academic project of their own design on a part-time or full-time basis. Senior projects/internships are created to help the student explore a personal interest, and may include a possible career choice, a special talent, a research project, or a community service project.

The goal of the WISE program is to engage students in a different kind of learning experience outside of the classroom during the fourth term of their senior year as a way to help them transition to college or to work. The program hopes to foster independence, self-confidence, and a personal sense of responsibility for students as they take charge of their learning. Through internships with agencies in the area, WISE gives students the opportunity to obtain real-life experience in the working world and helps strengthen the ties between Newton South High School and the community.

  • Full-time Project: Allows students to be released from most classes (with exceptions, such as MCAS prep) and requires a minimum of 24 hours per school week working at an internship.
  • Part-time Project: Allows students to stay in some classes and requires up to 12 hours per school week working on the project/internship.

Who May Participate?

Students must be in good academic standing (cumulative unweighted grade point average of 2.0 or better) and must be on schedule to meet graduation requirements by the end of Term 3. Also, students must be deemed responsible based on their attendance (including cuts, absences, and tardies) and school behavior (including detentions and suspensions).